years ago, access floor systems were hardly known to the industry which were essential for the setting up of computer rooms. Building Equipment Services Sdn Bhd (or better known as BES for short) was the only local manufacturer at that time, promoting its locally made products in competition with branded floor systems mainly from the USA and European countries.

Because of our continous commitment towards the improvement of the products, BES was able to stay competitive in the market since 1981. Thanks to the loyal support from our users, we are confident to remain competitive in the current globalised market for many years ahead.

BES was fortunate to be invited to participate as a member of the Working Group to develop our national Malaysian Standard on access floors under the authority of the Building and Civil Engineering Industry Standards Committee, Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM). As a result, a two part Malaysian Standard on access floor was published and known as :-

MS 1152 : Part 1 : 2002 - General Requirements
MS 1152 : Part 2 : 2002 - Test Methods

The contents of the website shall, therefore, conform to the relevant specifications of the Malaysian Standard and we welcome constructive criticism and design suggestion from all concerned in the hope to further develop a perfect system for the industry in future.

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